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The Power Adhesives Tec 3500-43 is a high output, industrial level glue gun designed to tackle any application and work all day with no downtime. Primarily used in the construction, foundry core, and precast industries, the Tec 3500 comes with a set of specific temperature modules so you can tailor the temperature to suit your application needs.

  • Interchangeable Temperature Modules-The Tec 3500 comes with five temperature modules to ensure the adhesive is applied at the optimum temperature for the job in hand.
  •  Full hand trigger – Adjustable, metal full-hand trigger ensures maximum comfort during application.
  • New On/Off Switch – Addition of an On/Off switch to give users more control
  • New Metal Stand Available-  The wire metal stand provides maximum
    stability and a traditional plastic base for when you need access to tight areas

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