Buhnen D53033

Size: Large Pillows (18 kg/39.6 lbs per carton)
Color: Light Amber
Sale price$185.72 USD


APPLICATIONS:  High-quality hotmelt for assembly in a wide range of industrial applications, especially suited for bonding of displays and cardboard and offers the core benefit of very high green strength.
PROPERTIES:  Pressure sensitive adhesive with a forms a tough, cohesive bond very quickly, excellent creep resistance and reduced stringing. The adhesive has an excellent bonding to many substrates such as wood, paper, cardboards, fabrics, leather, metals, ceramics, glass and to many plastics as Melamine, ABS, PS, PMMA, PE, PP, PVC, PC,PMMA, PETP, PA , POM.

The raw material components are registered in FDA-regulations for the packing of food.

Suitable for bead, spray, slot coating or roll coating.

18 kilo/39.6 lbs cartons

  • Chemistry: PSA
  • Uses: Product Assembly, self adhesive packaging (jiffy packs) and returnable e-commerce shipping boxes.
  • Open time: Long
  • Color: Light Amber

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