Buhnen A42914

Size: Bulk Adhesives 20kg/44 lb bag
Color: yellow
Sale price$132.83 USD


Buhnen A42914 is a fast setting bulk hot melt adhesive for packaging.  versatile product with medium open time and fast set time.

APPLICATIONS:  With the short open and setting time, this hotmelt adhesive is suitable for fast running box closing.
PROPERTIES:  The hotmelt shows good adhesion properties to wood, paper, cardboard, textiles, foam, glass and ceramics as well as to lacquered paper, ABS, PS, PE, PVC, PMMA and PET.  The raw material components are registered in FDA 175.105 for the packing of food.

  • Chemistry: EVA
  • Uses: High speed Packaging
  • Color: yellow

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