HB 720 BEAD with working stand and integrated air service unit

Sale price$1,999.00 USD


Latest hand held BEAD applicator from Buhnen.  The new HB 720 offers improved ergonomics, complete digital temperature control.  Versatile hand held applicator for manual applications in industrial environments.  Hot melt adhesives in the form of granules, pillows or 42 mm cartridges can be utilized in the melt tank making this a very versatile applicator.  Pneumatic assisted for easy of use.  This option includes the sturdy base stand with integrated air service unit for storing the tool while not in use.  A very good accessory to keep the tool upright and prevent accidental drops or being accidently knocked over.


Adjustable temp from 40C/104F-210C/410F with precise temp control +/- 1C/3F

Level control sensor which displays the adhesive volume remaining the tank

One handed opening and closing of the melt chamber

Ergonomic grip with excellent balance and weight distribution

Automatic temp reduction for energy conservation and adhesive protection

Digital temperature display with simple control design

Conical 1.5mm bead nozzle fitted as standard

Includes base stand/working stand with integrated air service unit

Technical data:

Tool weight: 1.35 kg/3 lbs

Voltage:  110 volt

Wattage:  600

Capacity: 200 ML/6.7 ounces (liquid)

Output:  3.2 KG/ 7 lbs per hour with glue cartridges or 1.3 KG/2.86 lbs per hour with granules

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