HB 720 K Pneumatic Cartridge Spray incl. tool stand and air service unit

Sale price$2,699.00 USD



The Spray version of the HB 720 K is the perfect choice for use with PUR and POR hot melt adhesives packed in 310 ML aluminum cartridges.  Used in applications with larger surface areas or heat sensitive substrates.  Adjustable spray pattern with standard 1.5 mm swirl spray nozzle fitted as standard.  Includes sturdy base stand with intergraded pressure control regulator


Variable spray pattern which allows for reduced hot melt consumption or use on larger surfaces areas

Precise spray pattern that is highly repeatable

Preheated spray air system for consistency with adhesion

Balanced and comfortable ergonomics for easy of use

Technical Data:

Weight:  1.9 KG/ 4.18 lbs with full cartridge

Voltage:  110 volt

Wattage:  600 watt

Temperature range:  40C/104F-210C/410F

Output:  4 cartridge's per hour without cartridge preheater



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