PEELTEC210 Peelable Adhesive

Size: ½” (12mm)
Color: White
Sale price$128.48 USD


peeltec 210 is a fugitive gummy Hot Melt Glue Stick that has been developed as a peelable glue stick.  Be careful with this one as the stick is very soft and flexible.  The best two glue guns on the market for dispensing this material are the tec 305-12 and the tec 806-12 glue gun.  It is a 1/2" x 8" glue stick that is non-staining and is perfect for promotional items or other attachments that need be securely attaching to a wide range of materials whilst allowing them to be removed without damage to the substrates. 

peeltec 210 fugitive gummy glue can be used on many different materials that including plastics and all types of paper and board with various print finishes and varnishes. In most applications, it is possible to find a happy medium between bond strength and peel characteristics by adjusting the amount of adhesive applied and applying to the least sensitive surface first.  Do not pull at the assembly right away when testing as the final adhesion takes a few hours to develop so be patient.  This one is a little different to most glue sticks.  

  • Industrial application: Temporary product assembly
  • Chemistry: Rubber
  • Open time: short
  • Application Temperature: 160C- 195C (320F-383F)
  • Color: White
  • Made in the United Kingdom

12 mm (1/2") diameter sticks have approx. 24 per lb



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