SPRAYTEC 410-43 Packaging (Pallet Stabilisation) Sprayable Adhesive

Size: 1 3/4" (43mm)
Color: Light Brown
Sale price$191.54 USD


SPRAYTEC 410 is an economical, light duty spray adhesive suitable for pallet stabilisation, expanded polystyrene assembly and position fixing.
SPRAYTEC 410 can also be extruded as a bead and will offer a good combination of heat resistance and low temperature flexibility.

Pallet Stabilization is commonly utilized when stacking sacks and cartons by applying a light spray to minimize shrink wrap. Excellet for bonding small pieces of EPS in cartons

  • Industrial application: Spray Adhesives
  • Chemistry: PO
  • Open time: Long
  • Application Temperature: 180
  • Color: Light Brown

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