SPRAYTEC 425-43 High Performance Sprayable Adhesive

Size: 1 3/4" (43mm)
Color: Dark Brown
Sale price$291.44 USD


SPRAYTEC 425 is a high performance, extended open time adhesive primarily used for spraying.
The adhesive can be used for bonding wood, fabrics, most plastics and some metals. It has been formulated to maximize glue delivery rate.
This is a very versatile spray adhesive that has been designed for fast, clean and reliable use in the TEC spray tools. 

Higher output, upholstery and packaging foam assembly, UL 2395 Approved for HVAC Thermal Insulation

  • Industrial application: Spray Adhesives
  • Chemistry: PO
  • Open time: 3 minutes
  • Application Temperature: 180
  • Color: Dark Brown

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