SPRAYTEC 430-43 High Performance Sprayable Adhesive

Size: 1 3/4" (43mm)
Color: Amber
Sale price$304.76 USD


SPRAYTEC 430 is a spray adhesive with very long open time. Once applied SPRAYTEC 430 will provide offer a pressure sensitive like tackiness for up to 6 minutes.  After this the adhesive sets to produce a tough resilient bond.  As with any hot melt adhesive, the faster two substrates are compressed together once the adhesive is applied the better the result.  SPRAYTEC 430 is produced in 43mm (1 3/4") diameter glue slugs for use in the Power Adhesives tec 43mm glue guns or the Buhnen HB 710/720 series. 

Suitable for use on plastics, foams, wood and cardboard.

SPRAYTEC 430 can also be applied in bead or dot form. In this form it can be used as a long open time, product assembly adhesive with excellent
adhesion to most plastics.

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