Tec 3508 cordless 1 3/4" glue gun

Sale price$300.00 USD


The newest product from Power Adhesives, the Tec 3508 1 3/4" (43mm) glue gun is here!  Designed to work with the DeWalt Flexvolt battery system, this industrial glue gun uses the 60 volt function and offers unmatched output for a cordless glue gun.  
The Power Adhesives Tec 3508 is a high output, cordless, industrial hot melt applicator
designed to tackle any application without the constraint of power cables. Primarily used in the construction, precast, and product assembly industries, the Tec 3508 comes with a set of specific temperature modules so you can tailor the temperature to suit your application needs.(DEWALT BATTERY NOT INCLUDED)

Cordless Operation - Fully-portable tool for more control with no trip hazards. Includes 
over-discharge protection to ensure battery safety.
Interchangeable temperature modules – The Tec 3508 comes with five temperature 
modules to ensure the adhesive is applied at the optimum temperature for the job in 
High output – Able to dispense around 4kg per hour at optimal temperature for the 
adhesive used, the Tec 3508 allows you to speed up your production processes.
Full hand trigger – Adjustable metal trigger ensures maximum comfort and greater 
stability during extended periods of use.
Auto Shut-Off – Tool automatically shuts off after 15 minutes to reduce energy 
consumption and the risk of glue melt back.
Over-Discharge Protection – PCB will send a signal to shut off tool when battery power 
is low.


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