Tec 7100-43 1 3/4" industrial hot melt glue gun, pnuematic assisted, 1000 watt with speedload

Size: TEC 7100 Multi-Load Pneumatic Glue Gun
Sale price$1,359.80 USD


Professional quality, robust 43mm (1¾”) pneumatic glue gun for Industrial use. 1000 watt stainless steel cartridge heated, with speedloader that holds 3 additional glue slugs.  Pneumatic assisted piston reduces operator fatigue, power-on light, 8 bar (120psi) @ 0.5 cfm air supply required.  Standard temp tool: 195C / 383F.  Removable base stand included or can be supported with a spring balancer.

Time proven simple design stands up to the harshest conditions and can be used with all Power Adhesives 43mm (1 3/4") glue slugs.  For best performance and safety standards utilize only Power Adhesives tecbond 43mm (1 3/4") glue slugs.  The glue is optimized in size to function in this applicator.

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