12mm Glue Saver

Sale price$11.95 USD


  • Save money and time with the all new Glue Saver
  • Swapping colors out on your glue gun can be costly, as the color you're using needs to be extruded (emptied) completely before the next color can be inserted. Our Glue Saver aims to help you save some cash, by allowing you to create new glue sticks from the waste!
  • Crafted from silicone, the Glue Saver is perfect for reshaping your waste hotmelt into useable 12mm colored hot melt sticks.
  • Simply place the Glue Saver on a craft friendly surface, like the TECMAT, insert the nozzle into the hole at the bottom of the saver and fire away until the molten glue reaches the top.
  • Your glue gun is now purged of the old color, and you've created up to four new glue sticks that you can use whenever you need.
  • The recycled glue sticks only take around 20 minutes to set, and they're ready for use.
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