Techbond 1942 Wood-Plastic Adhesive

Size: ½” (12mm)
Color: Brown
Sale price$114.49 USD


Product assembly adhesive for wood and many plastics, nylon, ABS and rigid PVC.
It is also suitable for use on ceramics such as tile displays as well as other materials with smooth shiny surfaces such as Melamine and light gauge metals. Due to the natural materials in this product it is sometimes useful to reduce the glue guns temperature to 180ºC to prevent excessive dripping.

Medium viscosity, hot melt that is used for product assembly with wood, plastic, nylon, rigid PVC, and ABS materials.

  • Industrial application: Product Assembly
  • Chemistry: Polymer Based Hotmelt
  • Open time: Med/Long
  • Application Temperature: 320˚F-350˚F
  • Color: Brown

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