Tecbond 23- Multipurpose Adhesive

Size: ½” (12mm)
Color: Pale Amber
Sale price$90.43 USD


tecbond 23 is a medium viscosity multi-purpose hot melt adhesive and is great for a variety of substrates including fabric, hard & soft wood, as well as numerous plastics.

tecbond 23 has been in the Power Adhesives product line since the 1980's and is one of the more tried and true light amber assembly grades offered by Power Adhesives.  Bonds are strong with excellent shear strength and in most cases stronger than the assembled substrates.

Medium viscosity, long open time, good on many plastics, ceramics and woods. Not suitable for polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).

  • Industrial application: Product Assembly
  • Chemistry: EVA
  • Open time: Long
  • Application Temperature: 180C-195C (356F-383F)
  • Color: Pale Amber

12 mm (1/2") diameter sticks have approx. 16 per lb

15 mm (5/8") diameter sticks have approx. 11 per lb

43mm (1 3/4") diameter glue slugs have approx. 8 per lb

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