Tecbond 232 Economy Clear General Purpose Adhesive

Size: ½” (12mm)
Color: Clear
Sale price$62.28 USD


Tecbond 232 hot melt adhesives is a high performance, high viscosity hot melt adhesives with medium open time.  The product is one of the industrial strength clear adhesives offered by Power Adhesives.  The high viscosity makes it suitable for porous substrates like fabrics and foams .  Good adhesion to Wood, Paper, cardstock, light gauge metal and many plastics (not PP and PE). Suitable for use in standard temp and glue guns.

  • Industrial application: Product Assembly
  • Chemistry: EVA
  • Open time: Medium
  • Application Temperature: 160C- 195C (320F-383F)
  • Color: Clear
  • Made in the United Kingdom

12 mm (1/2") diameter sticks have approx. 16 per lb

15 mm (5/8") diameter sticks have approx. 11 per lb

43mm (1 3/4") diameter glue slugs have approx. 8 per lb

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