TECBOND 263 High Performance Adhesive

Size: ½” (12mm)
Color: Pale Amber
Sale price$128.52 USD


TECBOND 263 is a very high performance hotmelt specifically designed to bond polypropylene. This unique hotmelt provides excellent heat resistance and good low temperature performance.  To maximize bond strength on Polypropylene it is important that sufficient adhesive is applied between 400-405ºF and the surfaces brought together as quickly as possible.  PP is very difficult to bond so applying the glue at this temp approaches a welding temperature between the adhesive and the PP substrates.  It is strongly recommended that a good quality high output glue gun with electronic temperature control is used to ensure consistent strong bonds.  Please note TECBOND 263 is specifically designed for bonding polypropylene and is not suitable for bonding other plastics.  Only available in 12mm (1/2") sticks

  • Industrial application: Product Assembly
  • Chemistry: EVA
  • Open time: Long
  • Application Temperature: 204C-210C (400-415F)
  • Color: Pale Amber

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