TECBOND 265-43 Product Assembly Adhesive

Size: 1 ¾” (43mm)
Color: Amber
Sale price$278.30 USD


Long open time product assembly adhesive for smooth and shiny surfaces.
Very high performance product assembly adhesive specially formulated for use on a variety of plastics, laminates and many UV cured varnishes.
Good bonds can be achieved on polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, nylon, rigid PVC, light gauge metals and polystyrene. All bonds should
be tested at least 24hrs after assembly at both the high and low temperatures they will be expected to withstand in service, bond strength may
partially deteriorate during the first 24hrs on some surfaces.
Due to the unique flexible nature of TECBOND 265 it is only available in 43mm (1 3/4") cartridges.

  • Industrial application: Product Assembly
  • Chemistry: APAO
  • Open time: Long
  • Application Temperature: 180C-195C
  • Color: Amber

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