Tecbond 5 Woodworking and Carpentry Glue Sticks

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Tecbond 5 is a specialist woodworking and carpentry adhesive for your glue gun.

The adhesive is low viscosity – which means it runs thinner – so it penetrates the wood and sets with minimal excess, to deliver a tight bond between the parts.

The low viscosity also gives higher glue gun output, which means less effort on the trigger.

Tecbond hot melt adhesives provide instant, permanent bonding on a vast range of materials without the use of harmful solvents.

Tecbond hot melt adhesives are safe and easy to store, and have a virtually unlimited shelf life.

Key features

  • Suitable for all soft woods and some hard woods
  • Delivers tighter joints for a strong finished product
  • Ideal for interior trim, drawer bottoms, cabinet backs, templating
  • Can be used to attach clamping blocks to Corian, granite and quartz kitchen tops
  • Works with any 11.5-12mm glue gun

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