TECBOND 7718‐12 Polyamide Adhesive

Material: Amber 10 stick pack
Sale price$22.56 USD


tecbond 7718 1/2" x 10" polyamide glue sticks.  Available in 10 stick packs, 100 stick cartons or 11 lb bulk cartons.

Colored, low viscosity, potting, encapsulation and knot/wood repair polyamide adhesive. Tecbond 7718 has a very low viscosity that sets very hard. It is used for two main applications. Potting and encapsulation in the electronics industry as well as knot filling/wood repair in the woodworking industry. Potting and Encapsulation: tecbond 7718 has been tested for use in electrical / electronic applications and the electrical characteristics are listed below. The use of hotmelt speeds up assembly as there is no mixing and any unused adhesive remains in the glue gun ready for next time, so there is no waste. Setting time is usually less than 2 minutes. Colored versions of the adhesive are available which can be useful to hide components or color code for traceability. Knot Filling / Wood Repair: The flow characteristics, hard setting and low shrinkage nature of tecbond 7718 make it ideal for filling cracks and voids often found around knots in many types of wood. The adhesive is applied by glue gun, trimmed with a sharp knife or Mouseplane® and then sanded as usual before finishing. The adhesive is available in different colors to match the wood.

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