TECBOND 7731F | Bulk Universal Case & Carton Sealing Packaging Adhesive

Size: Bulk 44lb/20kg
Sale price$199.20 USD


TEC-BOND 7731F is our best selling bulk packaging hot melt adhesive.  It is very versatile and will function well as a do it all product.  We say that 7731F will handles 85% of all packaging applications.  It is not the best at deep freeze and does not bond to very difficult board stock, but does everything in between.  Medium open time but fast set speed allow it to work on slow machines as well as fast machines.  Applied at 320F/160 C it offers a very stable viscosity of approx.1200 CPS.  Carton closing, side seaming, tray forming are just a few examples.  Retains bond integrity at high and low ambient temperatures and is a very high quality low odor product that is exceptionally heat stable. It is very clean running and will reduce filter and nozzle blockages in the application equipment.

TECBOND 7731F is an EVA based product that was designed as a low odor very pot stable adhesive before the industry moved to MPO technology.  The benefit of it being an EVA is versatile adhesion and fast setting speed.  As a general purpose product it outperforms most MPO general purpose formulations.

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