TECBOND LM41 Low Melt Adhesive

Size: 1/2" (12 mm)
Color: White
Sale price$111.79 USD


TECBOND LM 41 is a high performance clear adhesive that is formulated for use in low melt glue guns. It is a general purpose adhesive that provides good bonds on a wide range of substrates.  Suitable for use in low melt tools that operate from 230-285 ˚F. Tecbond LM 41 will give good output and low stringing. It is suitable for bonding most materials used in the hobby, craft, and educational markets. Using low melt adhesives also enables bonding to heat sensitive substrates such as balloons, thin films and expanded polystyrene without risk of thermal damage. Low temperature glue guns and adhesives are inherently safer and allow fingers to be much closer to small detailed work.

LM41 is very clear, and offers a tough flexible bond.

  • Industrial application: Product Assembly
  • Chemistry: EVA
  • Open time: short-medium
  • Application Temperature: 130C-160C
  • Color: Translucent Clear

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